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New Development
Mallory Valley’s new development application process applies to water service requests for: (1) residential and commercial subdivisions requiring new water system improvements to the District’s water system (a subdivision); and (2) commercial developments not a part of a subdivision which require new water system improvements to the District’s water system (a commercial development). 

Questions and inquiries should be directed to Karen York, Director of Development:  [email protected]

The District will inspect throughout the construction process. All water system installations and all reduced pressure backflow prevention devices must meet the District’s Technical Specifications and Design Criteria. Please refer to the District’s Technical Specs and Design Criteria.



Water Use Guide for Various Applications in Determining Tap Fees

Residential and Commercial Rate Schedules

Flow testing

The District's engineer or designated MVUD staff will perform all flow tests and cannot allow other persons or entities to conduct flow tests or gather flow data from the District's public water system. If you need a flow test of letter of availability please contact Karen York at the District office (615) 628-0237 or  [email protected] . The fee for fire hydrant testing is $575.00.  Fee for letter of availability is either $1,300 for single tract, single service connections or $2,600 for multi-track or multi service connections. Letter of availability includes a flow test. All fees are payable to Mallory Valley. 
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Mallory Valley Utility District serves customers in parts of Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee.

465 Duke Drive
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PO Box 936
Franklin, TN 37069
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