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Backflow Prevention/ Cross Connection

Mallory Valley would like to ensure that all customers are aware of the potential hazards associated with backflow and cross contamination.

Cross connection is the undesirable reversal of water from its intended direction in any plumbing or pipeline system. Cross connection, or backflow, can reverse the water flow from the customer's side of the water meter through and into the public water supply.

Residential homes with irrigation systems and ALL commercial buildings are required to install and maintain backflow prevention devices.

The State of Tennessee’s Division of Water Supply requires all public water systems to operate an ongoing program to protect the public water supply from possible cross connections. The most effective method for the water utility to meet State regulations is to require affected customers to install a backflow prevention device, thus protecting the community water system from any cross connections or backflow that may be present inside a customer’s plumbing system.

A representative of Mallory Valley will test your backflow device(s) annually and you will be billed for the test. The District's invoice is intended to cover the costs associated with inspection and testing.


Cross Connection Hazards in the Summer

Over the next few months, the warm weather will bring people outdoors to work in their yards and gardens. And, many will begin getting their swimming pools ready. Mallory Valley Utility District would like to ensure that our customers are aware of the potential dangers associated with cross contamination when engaged in these activities.

A garden hose submerged in any liquid or attached to certain devices used to spray pesticides or herbicides will form a cross connection. A cross connection is a situation where a possible source of contamination is directly linked to our public water system. If the end of your garden hose is connected to a chemical container, swimming pool or other contaminant during a water main break or fire, the substance can be siphoned back into the water system. This condition, known as cross connection, could cause a public health hazard. Devices are available to prevent this problem. And, the best solution is to always be careful when using your garden hose.

Please help us provide a safe supply of drinking water to all of our customers. For more information on cross connections and how to protect against them, please call our office at 615-628-0237.

Backflow Testing Rate Change 


 Mallory Valley Utility District performs the annual backflow testing in our District.  Beginning January 1, 2017 there will be a price change to our testing fee as described below:

 Testing for commercial customers is scheduled to begin in January 2017.  Testing for residential irrigation customers is scheduled to begin in May 2017.  Due to the rising cost and demand on the District, the new testing fee will be $60.00 per test per device.

 Should you have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to call our Maintenance Coordinator, Marcella Waterston at (615)628-0237.



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