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How To Read My Meter
What does my meter look like?
There are a few different models of water meters, but in general they will look like the photo below. 

Note: Many customers may have a separate water meter for drinking water, fire sprinkler and irrigation.

ANALOG Meters- There are six dials on your meter display. The four white dials on the left are the numbers 
that appear on your water bill; they represent your water usage in gallons. The two black dials on the right 
do not appear on your water bill, but are useful for detecting leaks.

                                    your analog meter may look different 

DIGITAL Meters- Once light activates the meter you will see it scroll through and show you the flow 
rate and meter reading. The reading will appear 0000000.00 format For example a reading of 
0001234.56= 1,234.56 Gallons.The flow rate indicator displays 0.00 when no flow is present